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About Me

Over the past 20 years, I have been privileged to connect with and mentor thousands of women, offering profound perspectives and uncommon solutions to find their true inner voice.

It is my own deeply profound understanding of how life works, the codes and ultimately, the principles that I am grounded in when working with others that has the greatest impact. I warn you, I am not a NEW AGE girl!

I am a firm believer that the true role of a mentor is to offer their students skills and direct knowledge enabling them to grow, evolve, end suffering, fear, anxiety.

Creating dependency isn’t my vision. I love helping others become the pillars of their world, gaining access to their once hidden inner abilities and strengths, discovering how to reconnect with their true inner voice, allowing peace to guide them.

In my thirties, I ran workshops for women going through life challenges, and worked closely with women suffering from debilitating eating disorders which I too have recovered from through finding my true inner voice.

Through years of transformation, stillness, and honesty, I have found not only found my true inner voice, but also my destiny; helping others do the same became my life’s work. Even my international beauty brands and education embrace these profound principles.

My love for the empowerment of women encouraged me to release The Power Shift in 2018 which became a #1 Amazon Best Seller in both the USA and Australia.

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Foreword written by

Flint McGlaughlin, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 2019

The marketplace is glutted with how to books with new age advice and with spiritual tomes. One may reasonably question why another, particularly at a time when society suffers an information overload? Indeed, Herbert Simon, the American social scientist, observed, “when there is a wealth of information, there is a poverty of attention.”

So why then should you give this book your attention? I can only reply with a personal perspective. This book captured my attention for these three reasons:

One, Elle is not a classic consultant, nor is she a writer looking for a "hot" topic. Elle is living what she is writing. This is not just a book, it is a life articulated. The words were written in her actions, before they found expression through her pen.

Two, Elle fundamentally understands that a how-to book which addresses your circumstances will never truly change your outcomes. We are not in control of our circumstances, but we are in control of our responses. The ability to generate positive energy amidst seemingly negative results is the key to surviving both failure and success.

Three, the message is simple but not easy. We live in a generation of people looking for easy. “Experts” tend to complicate the simple while selling “easy” solutions to the hardest problems. This book is different.

For these three reasons and more this message is both old and new, and thus timely and timeless. Its only value will be determined by you as you choose each moment what to do with its message. 

Receive Chapter 5 of my best selling book, The Power Shift, for free.

When the moment strikes and you realize you can no longer rely on what was once 'normal'... your children are screaming, you can't relate to your husband, your parenting skills are lacking, you want deeper relationships, you want more from life, you're feeling fear and lack, trapped in the negativity of your own mind. There is chapter 5. It is time for new beginnings. New learning. New possibility. When everything that is familiar is taken from you, and you're left with uncertainty, fear, overwhelm. There is chapter 5. 

Creative Director

As the Creative Director of two established and respected beauty brands, Elle is dedicated to offering the beauty industry professional and ultimately, the end user, innovative products and services. Her promise to women, worldwide, is to solve their beauty problems with the most natural and nurturing solutions. Elle is well known for her ability to access original thought and create from this space. It is always highly anticipated what is coming next. Her ability to perform at this high level of integrity and innovation is uncommon and highly sought after. She is a great believer in love being the influencer of all business decisions, ensuring the end result is always of great benefit to the world.


In 2018 Elle’s unorthodox yet, profoundly successful method of training earned her a place as a finalist for ‘Educator of the Year’ by Australia’s most prestigious and respected beauty body, the ABIA. There is nothing common about Elle’s methods, her only focus is to create the change necessary in each of her students as they venture towards mastery in any skill or undertaking they are pursuing. Her vision to create the world’s top 1% of brow designers has become a reality and continues to increase each day. To achieve the level of loyalty and love by those you instruct is truly an achievement, however, for Elle, her humility shines through. She directs her laser focus on the potential of all of her students, teaching them not only world-class skills, but how to bypass their fears as they begin to achieve their vision.

Business & Life Mentor

Over the past 20 years, Elle has impacted the lives of many. Her shining light always offering profound perspectives and uncommon solutions to the men and women she has mentored. It is her own deeply profound understanding of how life works, the formulas, the codes and ultimately, the principles she is grounded in when working with others that has the greatest impact. She is a firm believer that the true role of a mentor is to offer her students skills and direct knowledge enabling them to move from the inner child to Higher Self. She teaches a life curriculum, even to her business students, as they begin to view their business, their careers and their life as one. She says, “creating dependency isn’t my vision. I love helping others become the pillars of their world, gaining access to their once hidden inner abilities and strengths, discovering how to reconnect with their Higher Self.”

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

The Power Shift was Elle’s gift to women, although not surprisingly, many men have become raving fans. Over the years it became obvious to Elle that there wasn’t anything wrong with people, except that they had replaced true principles with false ones, finding themselves in deep inner struggle as they disconnected from their Higher Self. This misunderstanding is passed on from parent to child and is destroying millions of relationships. Each page of The Power Shift is actionable, filled with Elle’s unique ability to reach the heart of the reader. Unafraid to be challenged by non-believers, she offers a deep perspective with her only purpose to offer the reader the profound truth and true freedom. Reconnecting is easy to do when you have had enough suffering. Deep within, we all truly desire to find our way back to our Higher Self. To reconnect and nurture our souls and influence the world around us; to do good, says Elle.

The Other Side of Me

I never dreamed I would be the Founder and Creative Director of TrueBrow™, my international training organization and beauty brand. In fact, I never dreamed that I would educate hundreds of women, worldwide, to create the most beautiful, natural brows in the world, and more importantly, build extraordinary businesses that change their lives forever.

As a life mentor and business strategist for people wanting to realize a new version of themselves, enter the world of entrepreneurship, learn powerful skills and build extraordinary businesses, my world is both rewarding and at times exhilarating.

There is nothing as fabulous as helping another person realize their dream.

My unorthodox, yet profoundly successful, method of natural brow education was recognised in 2018 by Australia’s most prestigious and respected beauty body, the Australian Beauty Industry Association, and I was awarded for ‘Educator of the Year’.

I am a firm believer that a true educator seeks to find her students potential. She focuses on it way before the student has realized it herself. It is this ability that differentiates one educator from another.

If you have dreamed of beginning a career in the beauty industry, you don't need to work it out, I have already done that for you. Building your brow business is about skill, strategy and know-how. Let me show you how...

Let's Stay Connected!

I want to support you and guide you, with your permission, to find your true inner strength, voice and power.

Right now, anything less than what is real will cause further fear and anxiety. We are just at the beginning. How we are moving now, moment by moment, really matters. 

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Releasing the misunderstandings that we have used to layer our real nature within, finally allows us to embrace our real life where miracles and Love show up and lead the way.

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