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Change the destiny

of your business

Your business isn’t a mystery.

If it seems that way, you are failing to take control of it.

Perhaps you don’t have the right knowledge or expertise to realize your business's highest potential.

The moment you decide you want success instead of fantasy, you will change, your choices will change and you’ll find the help you need.

Your destiny is the result of your choices. As you choose, you create.

Remember, your business is completely dependent on you. It's relying on you. It's completely reliant on your choices.

Are you experiencing lack in your business? Be careful not to project your lack onto your business.

The truth is, there is no lack in your business. Your business is always thriving with potential, it's pulsating with growth opportunities every moment.

The question is not whether your business is ready. The question is, are you ready? Are you ready to become fully accountable?

Are you ready to fulfill your potential and in doing so, change the destiny of your business?

If you answered yes, then read on...

Know your direction

Distraction is evil.

Each day, the world is crying out for your attention. Everyone wants a piece of your mind.

One thing is certain, if you don't have a clear plan, you'll become part of someone else's.

Distraction can come from the quietest whisper or the loudest scream. Either way, when it comes, it takes you and in doing so, it takes your goals away from you.

If distraction is evil, focus is divine.

Discover how to remain focused through the power of clarity, where you know what you want and you know what you're doing, as you begin to set the terms for your success.

Your business needs you. You are the business owner.

Experience the power of freedom

Freedom comes in different shapes and sizes.

For you, it might be to have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want and have the money to do it.

For others, it may be to have more time with their families and of course for some, it may be to build world-class brands.

However, the real cause of any freedom begins in your own mind.

How would you feel each day if you understood how to navigate in your business powerfully?

That is what true freedom in business actually looks like.

When fear, uncertainty or doubt arise, successful people have mentors and coaches they turn to.

No man or woman is an island; we need each other. And it’s good.

Otherwise, we easily end up like straw in the wind, blown hither and tither when something doesn’t go our way. 

Where is the freedom in that?

Create a business that works

A business that works is always reaping profits from the efforts the business owner is extending.

It isn’t just a hobby or a fantasy, it is a well thought-out, cleverly-designed machine that produces money, over and over and over again.

Businesses work for a reason.

Your business becomes real when your decisions about it become real.

It's when you have the correct numbers and ratios in place and your decisions are being made in alignment with facts, not fiction.

It's when you are the one controlling your business, you are leading it.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. The "how to" has already been solved.

Unify money and you

If you’d like to never worry about money again, have you considered what is it exactly you would like to cease worrying about?

You say “money”? What’s money?

Isn’t money just pieces of paper, metal disks or digital numbers on a computer hard drive? That doesn’t sound like something to be too worried about.

Or is there something more to it? Do you have a more intimate relationship with money than just that?

Of course you do... we all do.

Cash, bread, dough, greenback, bucks, bones, cheddar, coin, Gs, loot… not just dirty words.

Money represents your emotions and your thoughts. And no, we're not talking about how much you have. We're talking about the relationship you have with it.

Let's clarify...

What money means to you is a representation, a reflection, of your own identity.

We all collectively project our own ideas and our feelings onto what money is physically.

Paper with different pictures printed on it, doesn’t elicit the same response in you as the “money pictures” we see on hundred dollar bills.

You need to realize your emotional connection to money.

Increase the value of the number printed on that piece of money paper and you increase the intensity of your emotional response, right?

Consider those digital numbers sitting on the computer hard drive of your bank’s server. Can you feel your emotional response should we add ten zeros onto the end of your account balance?

What if we were to change the balance to a negative number?

What do you think would happen to your insides if we did that?

How could such a tiny change to a computer hard drive cause such a powerful emotional response?

It’s because money is a social agreement that exists between you and the world.

Everyone has it. It’s an agreement that no doubt at times you’ve felt controlled by.

Desire, fear, greed, scarcity, guilt, survival, self worth...

What’s your relationship with money?

Elle Wilson’s Creating Wealth business growth programs not only get to the bottom of this in you personally, but also provide practical business and action based strategies to solve money issues in your life permanently.

These programs are designed to end your money worries, not just emotionally, but practically.

Would you rather take control of your business, or be controlled by it?

Most business owners we speak with are either:

  • Not selling enough
  • Being dominated by their competition
  • Stuck with expenses that are eating up their profits
  • Still doing what’s not working
  • Failing to strategize effectively
  • Still saying to themselves, “I can do this all myself!

We show you how to:

  • Increase your sales
  • Acquire dozens of new customers
  • Dominate your competition
  • Cut your expenses and increase your profit
  • Develop the systems to make your business work

But it all begins by you looking at your relationship with money.

Who are you in relation to money?

Build a nest egg for your financial future

Do you know how much money you need to be free?

Firstly, think about how much money you need to have in the bank and then how much money you need coming in each month.

We're not including your house in this, because you need to live somewhere, right?

We're talking about liquid cash you can access and get your hands on if you needed it.

As a business owner in your own right, we are not talking about your spouse’s income, we are talking about yours.

Even imagining that you can build your own nest egg for your future may bring up self-worth issues and your own beliefs about what you are capable of.

You might find that you give yourself excuses.

When you get tired of excuses, it's time to join us!

Excuses don't create financial nest eggs. Empowered people do.

Reignite your passion

Every moment you are thinking, doing or working, you are taking time away from something or someone else in your life.

Ask yourself, am I living to work or working to live?

There are no doubt things we will look back on in years to come and regret.

We want to show you how to make the time you take away from your loved ones matter, by creating a brand that excites you and earning what you are worth.

It’s time to fall back in love with your passion and drive it to financial success.

Make numbers fun and easy

No-one can effectively manage something they don't measure.

One of the biggest difficulties salon and spa owners face is maintaining control over their businesses.

This most often stems from an inability to see clearly how their business is performing in all of the key areas necessary for effective management.

Effectively tracking metrics and performance indicators in your business will not improve it.

The consistent implementation of control structures to effectively manage and control those metrics will cause improvement.

Numbers are not an end. They are a means to an end.

Be held accountable

Business is a collection of activities.

Without activity, there is no business.

Knowing which activities to focus on and when is one thing, but getting them done is another.

Life has a way of interrupting, of distracting us away from the actions we know we need to take.

Here's where accountability is paramount.

You don't want to just know how to grow a world-class business, you want to actually grow a world-class business.

Being consistently and nurture-fully held accountable, is a big help with this.

Know your priorities

How long is your to-do list? Is it never-ending?

Do you cross out one or two tasks only to add another five?

A key skill in business is knowing how to decide what your highest priorities are and keeping them there.

And how do you control that part of you that has a great idea everyday and wants to run off and do it?

Remember the fable of the hare and the tortoise?

As you learn how to become a tortoise and build a business with long term staying power, rather than chasing every new idea that inspires you, you will begin to see the brilliance of learning how to set priorities that leave you feeling fulfilled, clear and stable.

This is one of the most significant skills you can learn.

Control your business so it doesn't control you

Getting new clients is easy once you know how.

We can show you that in a relatively short period of time, so you can gain as many new clients as you need, as you need them.

Setting up your business so it can consistently sustain a larger and larger growing number of clients takes greater skill and know-how.

A major key to business success is control. When you can control your marketing and you can control your team and you can control your business management, success becomes certain.

When your business is not set up and ran this way, you will get burnt out.

You'll get consumed by your business.

It will completely control you.

Let's do it the right way.

Receive expert guidance and support

With over 45 years of combined experience growing salons and spas in the beauty industry, Toby & Elle Wilson have come to know what works and what doesn't. Their genuine care and passion for people ensures they not only deliver value, but more importantly, proven business results.

Many so called "experts" in the beauty industry do not have a proven track record of instituting sustained business growth. In business, this is what counts.

It's easy to share simple ways to get handfuls of new clients, which may cause an exciting spike in a business, but that's most often followed by a return to the same level of business from which it began.

Long term, sustained growth is what counts. We give you that know-how.

Create a life rich in meaning

Business is about more than money. It is about having meaning in our lives.

When profits take precedence over meaning, your quality of life will begin to diminish.

So it's important to build a business that gives you more life, rather than takes your life away.

Money is an important means, but it is not the end.

Let's make it and love our time making it.

Belong to a family of like-minded women

Connection is paramount to success.

Being with others, supporting others and having others support you is a vital part of business success.

Joining our family of like-minded women is a key area that will ensure you sustain the growth you achieve in your business.

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