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Receive the understanding, techniques and true principles to help you ease your suffering from fear, anxiety and doubt that often rise up when faced with overwhelming uncertainty and challenging situations.

In this brand new Anxiety Release Mini Course, you'll discover:

How to unlock & access your True Nature

The very real benefits of stillness & quietude

The power of your

Using breath awareness to release anxiety

I believe Elle has the capacity to have you look at yourself and what is really important to you. She honors our differences but what I love about her is that she does go right to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

Tamara Reinelt  //  ARIZONA, USA

Elle has taught me that I am more than I know, that I am not my thoughts. She has taught me how to choose peace instead of allowing my mind to lead me into anxiety. I now understand that I AM a divine being.

Sabrina Ehlis  //  MINNESOTA, USA

Learning from Elle is like learning to untie knots in my own thinking and perspective. Her mentorship has been a gift, and it is so comforting to know that I can rely on her wisdom and experience for feedback instead of gambling with my own peace of mind!

Alice Shieh  //  WASHINGTON, USA

Elle has been an angel in my life. When I first started to work with her I never knew the power of my own femininity. She is the essence of true feminine power and I look up to her as a role model, something I have never had while growing up as a young woman. I am so happy to be apart of this community and Elle’s movement! It brings me peace and joy to feel finally connected to this part of my truest self. Thank you Elle for leading me back to my authentic self.

Olivia Trask-Lopez  //  HAWAII, USA

Little did I know that from my first chat with this wonderful lady that she would be the one who would assist me with my anxiety to move forward and to better cope with my life over the years. My anxiety was due to underlying issues which Elle took me deeper with. I didn't believe in myself but guess who believed in me - yes non other than Elle. I would always feel better after my talks with Elle when she would bring me back to that place of love.

Samone Lynch  //  QUEENSLAND, AUS

This Anxiety Release Mini Course is a must if:

  • You’re constantly trying to avoid feeling anxious 
  • You’re always restless, keyed up or on-edge
  • You’re having difficulty focusing as your thoughts take over 
  • You’re regularly seeking reassurance from others

Do You Feel Anxious?

Anxiety is a natural part of life and when we shift our relationship with our thinking around it, it can even be seen as a gift in some instances. But right now, to you anxiety more than likely feels excessive, uncontrollable and irrational. 

Now, let me be clear... I don't want to give you a whole lot of processes and techniques to fix anxiety because that's not going to release it for you. That's just going to give you some short term, little fixes where you think that you have to keep fixing yourself so that you can be okay. And that's just not okay by me. I don't want to do that for you. 

If you show up and invest just a small portion of your time, I promise you I will to offer you my A-Game and reward you with nothing but clear understanding, meaningful long-term solutions and new perspectives that will enable you to see your anxiety from a completely different angle that will ultimately lead you to reconnecting with your inner freedom, your true nature and the power that you hold so deeply.

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